The Oxford Collection® Covid-19 Prevention Policy

Whilst we’ve adapted our offering and daily approach, our mission is to preserve and deliver a personalised, luxury experience.

We have a dedicated ‘Head of Health and Safety’ for our little group of restaurants and hotels who will support and continually adapt our Covid-19 protocols and procedures. Detailed risk assessments have been carried out, in line with Government guidelines, and will be under constant review to protect our guests and our employees. We are available at all times to answer any questions you may have regarding hygiene and safety.


Cleaning and Disinfectant Policy

♦ We maintain the most scrupulous of cleaning practices as standard. Our new regime relates to frequency, high attention areas, and social distancing.

♦ Hand sanitiser units are readily available throughout our properties, for all guests to use freely.

♦ Our team of room attendants now patrol guest areas on a regular, timetabled basis, paying particular attention to frequent-contact surfaces.

♦ Our cleaning products and protocols meet country-specific guidelines for approved effective use against viruses and bacteria.

♦ We have activated higher fan speeds to increase the ventilation rate, this will pull in fresh clean external air to enhance the air exchange within the building.

♦ All air filters and ventilation ducts have been replaced with new where possible and/or sanitised.

♦ Windows and doors will remain open where possible to promote airflow and to increase room ventilation


Our Restaurants

♦ All our restaurants have glorious, spacious and well-spaced outside terraces.

♦ Inside, seating capacity has been reduced in order to preserve one-metre distancing between tables. Custom-designed screens have been installed in Quod, providing a welcome and intimate atmosphere.

♦ You’ll find hand sanitiser dispensers readily scattered around our restaurants for all our guests to use.

♦ We are trialling a motion sensor traffic light system in our public lavatories to prevent congestion and queuing.

♦ Napkins will be disposable for the time being, salt and pepper mills to be provided on request and will be sterilised after each use.

♦ Our menus will be single-use and recyclable, and we’ll provide menus to share wherever possible to minimise waste.

♦ Tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each use.

♦ You’ll be required to ‘keep left’ at all entrances and exits to allow dual flow of traffic. Our teams will be on hand to guide and direct you accordingly.

♦ If you would feel more comfortable with your server wearing a mask or face shield, please do let us know on arrival. Information on the Government website regarding face coverings can be found here.

♦ We ask that you pay by card as we cannot accept cash for the time being.


Our Hotels

♦ As ever, all rooms are thoroughly deep cleaned after each use, and fabric surfaces steam-cleaned. Some items, such as books and magazines have been removed from our bedrooms.

♦ Some room amenities will be reduced, but all will still be available on request. In-room amenity kits will now include hand sanitiser.

♦ The frequency of room cleaning will be tailored to guests’ individual movements and requirements. In anticipation of individual guests preferences, room attendants will not enter a room during your stay unless requested to do so.

♦ Guests are encouraged to ‘check-in’ prior to their arrival, in order to minimise standing time at the reception desk.

♦ Full menus are available for room service, and our guest services team is on hand to fulfil your every request.

♦ Minibars are fully replenished, sanitised and sealed for your arrival.

♦ Room keys will be sanitised frequently. We ask that you leave your keys with us at reception when you go out.

♦ Guest luggage will be sanitised following its handling by our team.

♦ We have reduced the furniture in meeting rooms, and seating areas to preserve distance between guests.


Our Teams

♦ All of our valued employees have undertaken an individual Covid-19 risk assessment, they are fully trained to adhere to new working practices and procedures in relation to their role, and to guarantee a safe working environment

♦ Temperature checks are carried out for all staff members on arrival.

♦ Our managers routinely prompt their teams to take frequent breaks to wash and sanitise their hands, and all staff members are provided with the appropriate PPE relative to their role.

♦ Hand sanitiser units are prevalent throughout all staff areas, we’ve given particular attention to staff entrances, exits and changing areas.

♦ There is a timed procedure for deliveries and staff will be protected with the correct PPE. All deliveries will be decanted and sterilised prior to use. All suppliers are continuously vetted to ensure operating procedures and standards are in accordance with our own.

♦ Shift patterns have been adjusted to minimise crossover congestion, as have rest breaks.

♦ A detailed procedure is in place in case of a positive Covid-19 diagnosis where a guest or team member requires quarantine.


Our Guests

♦ If in the unfortunate case, you have any Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell, we ask that you contact us, and allow us to reschedule your stay.

♦ It is important to note, that for the safety of our guests and the safety of our team, that any guests displaying symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will be requested to seek medical attention.

♦ Should you be advised to self-isolate, we will request that you check out immediately and return home. You will be refunded the balance of your stay.


We long to welcome you back to the fold and we endeavour to strike the same familiar balance of genuine hospitality, delicious food, an uplifting and inimitable ambience.

Rebecca Mofford
Head of Operations