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    Beyond Surface | Group Exhibition

Beyond Surface, Group Exhibition | Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Event Details

Location: Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Address: 40-41 South Parade, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7JL

Start Date: 10th October 2020

End Date: 07th November 2020

Times: Monday 10am - 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 17.30pm, Closed Sundays

Entry Fee: Free entry, booking not required

Bringing together four exceptional artists; Andrew Hood, Nathalie Moisy, Simon J Harris and Carol Peace, BEYOND SURFACE explores figurative and abstract realms and how the two often intersect.

Abstraction has become a tool with which artists use to describe and communicate ideas and themes beyond a canvas. Artists are asking more of us as viewers, but by looking beyond the surface there’s a chance we can find a more far-reaching and profound experience of the art.

‘Abstraction is not a new concept,’ says gallery director Sarah Wiseman. Some of its earliest forms were seen in the ink splashes of 11th-century Chinese painting, for example.’

‘The challenge now is for artists now is to keep on pushing through to discover something seen, or unseen; play with the structure and different elements or materials. Through observation and conceptual thought, they peel back the layers to create new ways of seeing the world.’

‘These four artists are all different in their approach, but they are also interested in abstraction, and its many guises in contemporary art.’