2023 - Quod Restaurant & Bar - Oxford - High Res - Kitchen Collective Rohan Head Chef - Recruitment

Exciting Changes at Quod!

It has been a year since we were in the thick of Gees’ refurbishment, which also included an entire kitchen overhaul. Now, we’re delighted to reveal the return of our ‘Al Fresco’ Italian garden terrace, and another major kitchen overhaul at our bustling High Street refuge, Quod Restaurant & Bar.

“Quod kitchen is now live and up to speed…” says Gino, Maintenance Consultant at The Oxford Collection… “…in short, this was a major refresh of existing equipment which had been in place since the 2016 refurbishment. Following the success of the Gees kitchen refurbishment last year, we worked with the same design team, implementing the very latest high-end range of equipment from Mareno. Working with the designers, on-site maintenance and senior chef team, we collaboratively redesigned the kitchen to improve the sections and efficiencies across the kitchen.”

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Mareno has been providing powerful kitchen solutions since 1922. We’re proud to have introduced the flagship STAR 90 range, allowing our team to work with the best and uphold that Quod quality we’re all so proud of.

Rohan Kashid, Head Chef at Quod, shares that the new equipment will help maintain precision in cooking, work more efficiently, and above all, keep his team motivated. The revamp has seen a small expansion with the addition of a prep kitchen, something Rohan is particularly excited about, sharing, “we have a designated area now to prepare raw meat and fish, so it’s completely out of the way.”

Keen to join the Quod team? If you’re looking for a new role that’ll let you explore your creativity and versatility, take a look at all our exciting opportunities… we’re currently recruiting chefs at all levels, as well as waiters and bussers.

Emma Dickson, Head of Human Resources for The Oxford Collection says:

“For anyone looking to develop a career in hospitality, then look no further than Quod. Our recent kitchen revamp has created an all-singing, all-dancing kitchen that any chef would be proud to work in (as we all are!). Head Chef, Rohan is a natural-born teacher and leads his team with passion and skill; whether you join us as a Commis, or as a Junior Sous, you will be nurtured to learn, develop, and grow with us”

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