Swallow Family Update

Sep 29, 2020

I’d like to give you the latest update on our swallow family at the Old Bank Hotel…

This year the intrepid parents have managed to rear two broods, totalling eight young. Now they’ve all departed for hotter Southern African climes, along, of course, with their personal name tags.

This will be my last word on our special foreign visitors until April next year, so to reiterate my message to our esteemed City Council; if the air quality is good enough to support the myriad of insects required for swallows to thrive in the centre of Oxford, then it must be OK for us humans.

In my humble opinion, pollution in our city is pretty low, unlike the unacceptable air pollution in central London which will not support flying insects. You will never find swallows or house martins in central London.

-Jeremy Mogford